Concert Picture/ Video Request


We are all very proud of our students for all of their hard work culminating in the performance we witnessed this past Thursday! I hope it was as memorable an experience for you as it was for me!

Speaking of memorable, if you have any photos or videos of the concert, I’d love to put them up on this website. Please e-mail me at

Ten memorable moments:

  1. Principal Kirby’s inspirational appearance back stage for the Concert Band
  2. Brooke Greene’s clarinet solo
  3. Grace Waewthaisong and Calin Tunquist’s flute duet
  4. Finishing Suite for Winds with Percussion knowing we nailed it
  5. Let’s Go Band!
  6. Our backstage selfie with Wind Ensemble
  7. Jingle Bells Around the World and having the audience participate with us
  8. Being the coolest people on the planet during Santa Does Dixie
  9. The crowd going wild during the last note of Santa Does Dixie
  10. Carol of the Bells being a magical moment of unity among HS and JH students alike

Eleven Thank Yous:

  1. To the students- without your hard work and dedication, none of the success we’ve experienced together would happen in the first place.
  2. To the parents- your support goes a long way, and without it we would have half the program we have.
  3. To Pierre Kirby- I couldn’t ask for a better administrator; he has been supportive from day one and his appearance at our concert gave the kids renewed confidence in themselves going on stage.
  4. To Don Howard- His consistent support and positive energy has made a lasting impact on me and my students; our school wouldn’t be the same without him!
  5. To our counselors- Mary Jo Andrada and Sue Atterberry understand the underlying needs of our students and always put them first. Without their steadfast support for music, life would be much more difficult for our music programs at CMMS.
  6. To Suzanne Morgan- Sometimes given the nickname “Suzie Sunshine”, I think Sunshine is an appropriate term to describe her! She has been a rock to anchor to this year and her guidance has been invaluable.
  7. To our young band booster program- we are still just coming to be, but with every meeting we have, we validate and support this program just a little bit more. I can’t wait to see the incredible opportunities we may create for our students in the future!
  8. To Laura Christensen- Laura was a true hero on concert night. Her willingness to assist however she could for last minute needs was truly remarkable and all of us in the band are supremely grateful!
  9. To our masterclass clinicians- our students have found inspiration in what you have given them and I hope to continue our partnerships in the future.
  10. To Kathy Evans- Kathy’s work is nothing short of remarkable, and without her we would never be able to accomplish the things we do at CMMS. Thank you for all your hard work preparing students to enter our program.
  11. To Joe Sandoval- for being an incredible host and inviting us to come together for a wonderful night of music making. Joe’s teaching is inspirational, and our students here at CMMS were amazed and excited by what they witnessed of the BCHS Jazz Band. I’m very lucky to get to work under such an incredible HS band director and hope we can continue to collaborate for years to come!

Feel free to leave some comments (memorable moments, photos, videos, you name it), and as they say in showbiz, “the show must go on”! More updates coming soon!


~Mr. F


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