CMMS Bands Update

Good morning Christa McAuliffe Band Community!

We are almost to the end of the third quarter, and as such we are a-twitter with activity! Here are the performances we have coming down the road:

Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal- March 7th

Our previous concerts never required much in the ways of a dress rehearsal, but we are planning something special which will require the joint effort of everyone in the program to be there for a dress rehearsal. This is mandatory and part of each students concert grade.

It will happen after school Tuesday and we will be concluded no later than 4:30 PM assuming we work through things smoothly.

Spring Concert- March 9th

Our movie and video game themed concert is sure to delight and entertain! Students have been really challenged this quarter with music that requires dedication and commitment outside of class time in order to be successful. I believe we will all be amazed by the maturity of the performances of both our ensembles and the investment it takes to make those once in a lifetime performances come together.

We will be doing a 50-50 raffle at the concert! Buy a raffle ticket for one dollar for your chance to win half of the jackpot!

National Anthem at a Stockton Heat Game- March 12th

Our big fundraiser this quarter has been selling tickets to perform the national anthem at a Stockton Heat game. These tickets are due this coming Friday (March 3rd). Students must report to the Stockton Arena no later than 3:30 so we can perform at 4:00!

REMINDER: All students wishing to perform must buy their own ticket! I have to buy mine as well! All proceeds go toward sending Wind Ensemble to festival for the first time in school history!

Wind Ensemble Tour- April 14th

We are going to a few elementary schools to put on a recruitment program! We may be in need of a volunteer or two to assist with transporting percussion equipment. Please contact me ASAP if you may be able/ willing!

Summer Prism Concert- May 18th

A “prism” concert is one where the music is continuous throughout the concert. There are no breaks for any reason (except to occasionally switch music or for a conductor to walk to the next ensemble as needed). What makes this experience so unique and immersive is that it draws the listener into the music for music’s sake, allowing listeners to relax and make their own unique associations to each piece as it flows over you continuously.

The prism concert will tentatively feature:

  1. Concert Band
  2. Wind Ensemble
  3. Jazz Band
  4. Intermediate Orchestra
  5. Advanced Orchestra
  6. Flute Choir
  7. Clarinet Choir
  8. Saxophone Quartet
  9. Brass Band
  10. Percussion Ensemble
  11. Chamber Strings (the number of groups is undetermined)
  12. Soloists/ Duets (the number of groups is undetermined)

Music in the Parks Festival– May 20th

With enough funding and hard work by all, we may be able to send our wind ensemble to festival for the first time in school history. This event will see our wind ensemble competing for ratings against many middle school bands across California and Nevada, and our hope would be to come home with the first ever “Superior” rating trophy in this schools history. Help us make this a possibility by supporting our fundraising efforts and considering donating!


We have much work ahead of us, but as I tell the students: the fun is in the work!

~Mr. F


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