Fall Concert and Other Announcements



Can you believe the first quarter is almost over already? With the imminent end of the first quarter comes a very exciting event for us here in the band program: our Fall Concert! So without further ado, here are my announcements and reminders:


1. Gradebook

In the gradebook, you may notice quite a number of missing assignments have shown up very suddenly. These are nothing to worry about as they are simply reminders of what needs to get done by September 21st to qualify for an “A” grade in band this quarter. Anything that is marked as “missing” is not late or missing so to speak, it is simply not done yet. This being said, the grade indicated is nearly accurate to what the final grade would be should these assignments not be completed.

Aside from written assignments and sectionals, the only remaining grades this quarter are playing test #3, rehearsal grades and the concert! You may earn extra credit by participating in chair challenges and/or attending additional sectionals beyond the required number (3). If you/ your child cannot attend sectionals, please talk to me as I may have a few ideas on how we can work around conflicts.


2. Potluck

We are very excited to start this year with a music department potluck! This concert will be the first in school history to feature a joint music department concert, meaning that both band AND strings will be performing! As such, both band and strings students/parents will be asked to contribute something to the potluck. The potluck will occur prior to the concert (5:oo PM) in the band room. All students and parents are welcome to join us in fellowship before the concert and after for a reception.


3. Concert on September 21st

The concert will begin at 6:30 PM. It will happen in the MPR at Christa. Attire is still undecided, but if we have band shirts by then, we will wear our band shirts and our nicest jeans and dark shoes. If not, plan for concert formal. This is detailed in the band handbook.


Every student has a job to do on concert day. They are either part of the set-up crew, tear-down crew or performing a specialty assignment. All students are expected to stay through the ENTIRE concert, and must complete an assignment due at the end as proof that they did. We are a family, and we must support each other as such.


This being stated, students are reminded that as a member of the band, we are representing far more than ourselves. We represent our school, families, community and program. As such, we hold ourselves to a high standard of etiquette, attire and performance. Any breaches in these standards/expectations will result in deductions to concert grades and may result in the given student losing performance privileges. Concerts are special occasions meant to highlight your hard work and they act as the final assessment each quarter; we learn more through performance than by any other means, so take it seriously and hold yourself with pride. If you don’t, who will?


Please do not hesitate to drop me a note if you have any questions. Looking forward to an awesome first concert!




Aaron Fonzi

Director of Bands

Christa McAuliffe Middle School

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