Concert Policy

Good afternoon,


In lieu of how close we are to our first concert this year, I’d like to clarify a new policy this year regarding concerts. Concerts are incredible, special events which serve to highlight the remarkable efforts of our dedicated young musicians. The atmosphere and educational opportunities which come from performance cannot be replicated, and part of this is the breath-taking reward of working so hard for something and knowing it paid off by the roar of an audience, the congratulations of those around you and the feeling of self-pride that cannot be put into words.

This being said, we take great pride in our performance at CMMS, and proper preparation is mandatory for all students who wish to perform. As such, students who cannot perform the required concert music will not be allowed to perform in the concert. This policy is in place for the following reasons:

  1. Those who have worked hard preparing for a concert tend to experience a boost in self-confidence, pride and eagerness to learn following the successful performance of their first concert. Those who cannot perform the music required tend to “fake” their performance on stage, leading to lower self-confidence, a false sense of pride and a decline in eagerness to learn. It is better not to perform at all if you are not prepared than to get on stage without knowing what you are doing (and have a negative experience because of it).

2. A performing ensemble is truly a team effort. One member of the team neglecting              their responsibilities will directly impact the rest of the team. High quality                            preparation, individual responsibility and work ethic are required for the success of          the whole ensemble.

NOTE: This decision is made by Mr. Fonzi based on the final playing test of each quarter. In this case, Playing Test #3 will be the one evaluated.


     Considering this policy, if a student is not prepared to perform, they will be given an alternate writing assignment to be completed during the concert, and they will perform an additional playing test of all their concert music to earn points for their concert grade. This same policy is in place for those who do not show up to perform in the concert.

It is my sincere hope that everyone in the program will be entirely prepared to perform, and we will have an AMAZING first concert. I am ecstatic about the wonderful evening ahead of us, and I hope you are too!

Per usual, I’m here to answer any questions!

~Mr. F



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