About the Director

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     Mr. Aaron Fonzi graduated magna cum laude from the University of the Pacific with a degree and credential in music education.  His varied career as a performer has seen much success, from performing at an international band clinic in Seattle, Washington, to recording an album with the UOP wind ensemble at Skywalker Sound. He has also played euphonium solos in Canada and on televised events in the U.S. Recently, he joined the Stockton Civic Theatre and played a role in their production of “Company” by Stephen Sondheim. He is currently working toward completing an album of Holiday arrangements for Euphonium titled “Christmas with the Fonz”.

Known for his energetic and expressive approach toward music performance, Fonzi is an avid conductor, composer, audio engineer and performer. He has premiered contemporary pieces by budding young composers and has published works for band and string orchestra. He is also an active singer/songwriter and is working toward releasing a self-produced album.

Since taking over in 2016, the CMMS Band Program has seen a new era of success and prosperity under Mr. Fonzi. Our bands are recognized as some of the best in San Joaquin County and on par with some of the best in the state of California. The CMMS Wind Ensemble came back from festival last year with 1st place and a “Superior” in competition. Superior performance has become the norm and the expectation for our incredible students, and Mr. Fonzi works relentlessly to ensure that every student has the resources they need to achieve these high expectations.


These are ten philosophies I believe in as a music educator:

  1. Every child deserves access to a quality music education.
  2. Every student with a desire to learn can and will experience success in music.
  3. Incredible things are accomplished together or not at all.
  4. It takes a community to raise a child, and a supportive, collaborative one at that.
  5. Success is a combination of vision, planning and whole lot of hard work.
  6. The fun is in the work!
  7. We are not defined by where we come from, but by where we intend to go.
  8. Music educates the mind, heart and soul. It is essential to the development of the whole child.
  9. Hate and negativity are like hot coals we hold onto and, as we burn, we claim it to be someone else’s fault. In reality, we must simply put the coals down and learn to love and forgive.
  10. With enough guidance, work ethic and positive encouragement, anyone can accomplish anything they put their mind to. If you can play an instrument, you can train yourself to do anything!