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SJCMEA All-County Honor Band: AUDITIONS DUE BY ____12/7/17______

The San Juaquin County Honor Band is a great opportunity to connect with musicians from across the county and make lasting memories with friends you never knew you had. It is a great honor to be accepted into this ensemble, and auditions will be recorded and submitted digitally by me. The County Honor Band experience is incredible and unlike anything else. Represent our school and test yourself to achieve the highest honor of musicianship in San Joaquin County! For more information, please ask or email.

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CBDA All-State Band: AUDITIONS DUE BY ________________

The California Band Directors Association hosts two junior high All-State bands which perform each year at the CASMEC convention in San Jose. This year, the performance dates are February 15-18th, 2018. Acceptance into an All-State ensemble is one of the highest honors a young musician can earn in the state of California. Students must record and submit their auditions digitally (I will do this on their behalf) and commit to rehearsals and practicing the music rigorously should they be accepted.

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Central Valley Youth Symphony: TO SET UP AUDITION EMAIL

CVYS is a local community orchestra dedicated to honing the skills of musicians from ages 8-22. There are two orchestras (preparatory and symphony orchestra), and rehearsals occur at the University of the Pacific. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with musicians around the Stockton community, enhance your musicianship tenfold and spend time on a college campus. The Preparatory Orchestra is conducted by Shane Kalbach and the Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Thomas Derthick. Please email me if you are interested and have any questions.

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CMMS Wind Ensemble: LIVE AND RECORDED AUDITIONS DUE BY ____3/30/2018____

All 6th and 7th grade students desiring to be placed in the top band at our school must undergo an audition process to provide evidence that they have met the prerequisites. The CMMS Wind Ensemble is an incredible family of hardworking, dedicated students who strive to continue on the legacy of excellence in performance that their predecessors established. They go to festival each year as well as band tour, and perform in various venues throughout the year.

Audition Materials:

WE Audition Pieces



Scales: Concert Bb and Eb from “Scale Masters” (Levels 1 and 2):

WE Audition Scales



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Jazz Ensemble meets once a week after school starting 2nd quarter. Upon acceptance, students will learn the basic elements of jazz including swing, latin, funk, improvisation patterns and much more.

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Band students are selected by audition to participate in the unique opportunity of playing in a full orchestra 3rd and 4th quarter. Positions in the orchestra include: flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, tuba, timpani, percussion. The full orchestra meets after school once a week, and performs at 8th grade promotion and the spring orchestra concert.

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CMMS Percussion Ensemble: LIVE AND RECORDED AUDITIONS DUE BY __________

All students who meet the prerequisites for performance on percussion are welcome to audition for the Percussion Ensemble. It will meet once a week 3rd and 4th quarter and range from rudimentary to advanced percussion techniques.

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NOTE: We will also be doing 3rd and 4th quarter chamber ensembles, specifically: flute choir, clarinet choir, saxophone choir and brass choir. These groups meet once every couple of weeks and do not require an audition.


T-Shirt Design Contest: SUBMISSIONS DUE BY FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 2017

Two student designs will be selected as the new logos for our band shirts. The front logo will be our official band logo, and the back logo will be background for the names of our members. These students will have input on the design process and will assist with decision-making in regards to their work.


Composition Contest: SUBMISSIONS DUE BY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2017

One winner will receive free composition lessons from Mr. Fonzi to prepare for a fourth quarter world premier of their work. Additionally, their piece will be recorded by the Wind Ensemble on the CMMS Bands album.


Solo and Ensemble Contest: SUBMISSIONS DUE BY THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 2018

Four winners will be featured in our fourth quarter concert and will have their pieces recorded for the CMMS Bands album. Submissions may include chamber music, solo music, and soloes with ensemble accompaniment. Examples of chamber ensembles include:

-Quartets, trios and duets

-Choirs (flute choir, clarinet choir, etc.)

-Small Ensembles (Mariachi Band, Jazz Combo, etc.)

Submit recordings/ videos to: __________________________


Recording Engineer Contest: APPLICATIONS DUE BY FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2018

Two winners of this contest will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the recording, mixing and mastering processes. They will assist with recording, mixing and mastering the CMMS Bands album, which will include works performed by Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Band and the winners of our Solo and Ensemble Contest. It will also include a performance of the piece written by our composition contest winner.

Application: ____________________________


Scale Masters

     This is our system for learning our scales here at CMMS. It works like so:

1. There are 14 levels featuring the major scale, arpeggio and an octave chromatic scale through all keys. Passing all 14 levels makes you a scale master (and earns you the scale master medal).

2a. For each level you pass, you earn 3 things. The first is a letter sticker. You receive one per level, and together they spell out “EARN YOUR WINGS”. These may go on your folder, case (if it’s your instrument), backpack, etc. Anywhere that you can display your accomplishments!

Here is a quick sketch of the final product (remember, Mr. Fonzi is not an artist so use your imagination!):


2b. The second thing you earn is change which goes toward a pizza party. There will be a jar with an automatic counter on it, and each time you pass a level, you do the honor of dropping your change into the jar! The first level is worth 25 cents, and each level adds a quarter in value (level 2 is 50 cents, 3 is 75 cents, etc.). The minimum cost for a pizza party is $200.

2c. You will also earn Fonz Bucks per level you pass- Level 1= 1 Fonz Buck, Level 2= 2 Fonz Bucks, etc. These can be spent on a number of things from candy to playing test passes!

NOTE: Every student’s contributions are essential to the success of the team. Students who do not contribute do not participate in the pizza party. Our new mantra, “earn your wings” is all about learning to earn the things you desire via hard work, dedication and commitment. Participation in the party, therefore, must be earned.

Get started now!

What are you waiting for? The music is right here:

Scale Masters – Flute – 2017-07-06 1901 – Flute

Scale Masters – Oboe – 2017-07-06 1901 – Oboe

Scale Masters – Clarinet in Bb 1 – 2017-07-06 1901 – Clarinet in Bb 1 (bass clarinet as well)

Scale Masters – Alto Saxophone – 2017-07-06 1901 – Alto Saxophone

Scale Masters – Tenor Saxophone – 2017-07-06 1901 – Tenor Saxophone

Scale Masters – Baritone Saxophone – 2017-07-06 1901 – Baritone Saxophone

Scale Masters – Trumpet in Bb 1 – 2017-07-06 1901 – Trumpet in Bb 1 (Baritone T.C.)

Scale Masters – Horn in F – 2017-07-06 1901 – Horn in F

Scale Masters – Trombone – 2017-07-06 1901 – Trombone

Scale Masters – Baritone Horn – 2017-07-06 1901 – Baritone Horn (Baritone B.C.)

Scale Masters – Tuba – 2017-07-06 1901 – Tuba

Scale Masters – Xylophone – 2017-07-06 1901 – Xylophone