Band Leadership Council

The Band Leadership Council (BLC) is an integral part of the success of our program. These incredible student leaders assist with every facet from concert preparation, promotion and set-up to fundraising, music organization, social events, sectionals and more. Each member of the council is interviewed and selected in very much the same way an employer would hire an employee. Similarly, they are held to the commitment of the council for the duration of the agreed period, and may be replaced if their grades fall below expectations or they do not satisfactorily fulfill their duties.

The BLC comprises of the following in order of authority:

  1. President*
  2. Vice President*
  3. Secretary*
  4. Artistic Coordinator*
  5. Public Relations Officer*
  6. Peer Mentors
  7. Wind Ensemble Representatives
  8. Concert Band Representatives
  9. Wind Ensemble Section Leaders^
  10. Concert Band Section Leaders^

*Executive Board

^Section Leaders are technically not members of the BLC, but they serve important leadership roles in the band.

Below you will find information regarding the requirements and roles of the BLC, including resources for current BLC members. Additionally, in the interest of transparency, all minutes will be posted onto this page following each BLC meeting.

BLC Duties and Requirements: BLC Info Sheet

BLC Application: BLC Application Form

For Secretary: Minutes Template

President’s Corner











Current Members

President- TBD

Vice President- Brooke Greene

Secretary- Alexia Demontagnac

Public Relations Officer- Dulce Barragan

Artistic Coordinator- Zyla Mariano

Peer Mentors- TBD

Wind Ensemble Representatives- TBD

Concert Band Representatives- TBD