Concert Band


The CMMS Concert Band is a group of young musicians interested in learning and expanding on the basics of instrumental technique and performance. Students in this band have anywhere from 0 to 2 years of experience and are seeking a beginning or intermediate level of instruction. This year, the band is comprised of seventh graders only, but it is open to all students with a genuine interest in learning to play an instrument. Concert Band is where greatness is born and nurtured, and many students who continue on past Concert Band not only end up in Wind Ensemble the following year, but develop a lifelong love for music through this experience.

The Concert Band performs at four quarterly concerts alongside wind ensemble. Students in concert band also participate in Pep Band Night at Bear Creek High School and 8th grade promotion each year. They may also audition for various performance opportunities, such as performing with Bear Creek High School ensembles, playing the national anthem at local semi-professional baseball/ hockey games, and more!

Students who participate in our program here at CMMS are held to high standards of behavior and performance. As such, daily practice and 100% effort/ focus during rehearsal is expected. Students perform playing tests and are expected to have/ have access to a tuner and a metronome for use during class and daily practice sessions. Our band program is known for withholding a standard of excellence, and our students understand that the more you give to something, the more you get out of it. As they say, the fun is in the work!


Interviews for our Band Leadership Council will occur after school the first week back from break! Enjoy your break and don’t forget to practice!


At the Feast of Stephen- Scott Watson

Calypso Bells- Todd Phillips

Canon of Peace (Dona Nobis Pacem)- Paul Jennings

Christmas Stomp- Sandy Feldstein and Larry Clark

For Benefit Concert:

Anasazi Legend- Joseph Compello

Dragon Dance- Michael Story

Attack of the Garden Gnomes- Timothy Loest

Canon of Peace (See Above)



Below are links to music theory exercises. Each is scored out of 20. To receive credit, complete the exercises, then click “View Report”. Enter your name and click “Sign Report”. Finally, copy the verification code and send me an email.


Note ID (Treble Clef Only): Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Note ID (Bass Clef Only): Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Key Signature ID: Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Note ID (Treble and Bass Clef): Here (receives 50% of number correct)

Interval ID: Here (receives 50% of number correct)

Key Signature Construction: Here (Recieves 50% of number correct)

Interval Construction: Here (Receives 100% of number correct)

Note Ear Training: Here (Receives 100% of number correct)

Interval Ear Training: Here (Receives 200% of number correct)


NOTE: You may submit two each day from different exercises. EX: Note Ear Training and Note ID.