Wind Ensemble


Wind ensemble is the most advanced level of band here at CMMS. It is an audition-based ensemble comprised of seventh and eighth graders seeking an advanced, rigorous curriculum. Members of this ensemble represent the ideals in which we believe in; that dedication, hard work, passion and perseverance are the keys to success in the modern world. They set the example of our school motto: “ordinary people can do extraordinary things”.

Wind Ensemble performs four quarterly concerts as well as various community service events throughout the school year. Beyond this, the wind ensemble goes on a Band Tour to four elementary schools, participates in Pep Band Night with Bear Creek High School, and plays the national anthem at local semi-professional baseball/ hockey games each year. Furthermore, they collaborate with the advanced orchestra for one piece each year, undergo a project in which they record an album together, compete at festivals and much more!

Expectations are very high for students in this group, and what can be achieved is nothing short of remarkable. All students who have auditioned into the Wind Ensemble should consider renting or buying their own instruments (in consultation with Mr. Fonzi). They should also own or have access to a tuner and a metronome, to be used in class and in their daily practice sessions. Any student in our program is expected to practice daily and perform weekly playing tests, and this is a particularly strict requirement for Wind Ensemble students, who are expected to come into daily rehearsals prepared (having practiced their parts).

All of this being said, the beauty of this ensemble is in the independence, maturity and strength of character of each member. This is a group of students who represent the pride and honor of our program, and each of them take the ideals and expectations of excellence which we stand for seriously. Through their passion and devotion, we have an incredible amount of fun, experience amazing opportunities together and grow as the future leaders of our world.


  1. Please get your Star Achievers done no later than Tuesday. I want it by then so I can finalize grades!
  2. Congratulations on pulling together for yet another fun-filled evening of music! It came together well and we continue to set new standards for our program each concert. So next concert let’s set a new standard by getting on top of the prep work EARLY so we can really get into the fun stuff- details. After all, a superior performance is found in the details!
  3. Next quarter we will be doing a concert and band tour. We will also be starting to prepare for festival and recording an album.
  4. If you have not signed up for Secret Santa and want to be a part of it, please sign up on Monday!


The Magic of Harry Potter, arr. Michael Story

A Disney Spectacular, arr. John Moss

You’re Welcome (from Moana); arr. Matt Conway

A Thousand Years; arr. Paul Murtha

Star Wars: The Force Awakens; arr. Michael Sweeney

Nintendo Power- I haven’t found a good version of it yet online


For Festival:

Cumberland Cross- Carl Strommen

Benediction- John Stevens

Appalachian Expedition- Chris Bernotas



Below are links to music theory exercises. Each is scored out of 20. To receive credit, complete the exercises, then click “View Report”. Enter your name and click “Sign Report”. Finally, copy the verification code and send me an email.


Note ID (Treble Clef Only): Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Note ID (Bass Clef Only): Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Key Signature ID: Here (receives 25% of number correct)

Note ID (Treble and Bass Clef): Here (receives 50% of number correct)

Interval ID: Here (receives 50% of number correct)

Key Signature Construction: Here (Recieves 50% of number correct)

Interval Construction: Here (Receives 100% of number correct)

Note Ear Training: Here (Receives 100% of number correct)

Interval Ear Training: Here (Receives 200% of number correct)


NOTE: You may submit two each day from different exercises. EX: Note Ear Training and Note ID.